We can assure you that all the products available at Snkrz Garden are 100% authentic.

All our products are already verified by us, before uploaded to the site. This result in all shoes in stock being "ready to ship". Say goodbye to long waiting times, and receive your sneakers faster.

Our team of expert authenticators uses a multi-step verification procedure that includes, but not limited to, condition, construction and packaging:

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Our team goes through the construction from the outside to the inside. We analyze everything from Stiching to the materials. The shoe is also checked under a black light.


We look through the shoes for wear and tear, both the shoe and box is checked. We mostly sell deadstock items, but also allow the options for people to sell their used shoes at our in-store location, if we find it suitable for our store. If a shoe is used, it will affect the pricing, and you will see the tag "used".


When validating a shoe, we will also take the condition of the box in consideration. We allow slight damaged boxes, but require every is OG.


We prepare all our packages with the highest quality standards to deliver to our customers, a undamaged product.


Shopping at SNKRZ garden is a quality assurance, that you shoes are 100% legit and in pristine condition.
We guarantee the authenticity of each pair sold at our store.

Extensive hours are spent researching fake/replicas with countless comparisons made between genuine and the most current high-quality fake/replica items.

Each item is inspected using the appropriate and relevant method and technique for that specific item in determining its authenticity.

Only items that are considered 100% authentic are sold/bought in the store/website and ultimately shipped to the buyers.